Friday, September 19, 2008

Girls Night

On Wednesday I went to dinner with some of my high school friends, Amy, Emily, Jade, and Kelsey. We had so much fun catching up and listening to all of Kelsey and Emily's funny single stories! They are all such fun beautiful girls!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer is over

This is Daine doing one of his awesome tricks off the platforms, he is amazing and fearless.
Daine and his cute girlfriend, thanks Daine for some great times at the pool!
Heidi and cute little Jenna.
Preston, Tyler, and Brianna, this girl sitting next to us thought that all 3 of them were mine, it was so funny because I could tell she felt so stupid asking me if they were mine.
Ty thought this picture was so funny because it looks like he is standing on water!

I am so sad that summer is already over, with Ty out of school I always had someone to do stuff with. I know that sounds crazy that I would want to hang out with an 8 year old, but he is really 30 inside! We had so much fun going to Cottonwood Heights pool several times a week over the past 3 months and now it has all come to an end.