Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas dinner with the girls!

Katrina, Jen Yates, and Niki.
Julie, me, Katrina, and Jen.
Niki, Julie, and me.
me, and cute Katrina.
Jen Clyde, and Katrina. All such cute girls! I am so lucky to have such great friends!

Last night I went to a fun Christmas dinner at Mimi's Cafe with Julie, Jen, Katrina, Niki, and Jen Clyde. We had such a fun time, and everyone picked out the cutest things for the gift exchange! Thanks for a great night girls, it was so good to see all of you!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here ya go Melissa!

This is the loft above the garage, right now we don't really go up there much but someday when we have kids I'm sure it will get a lot of use!
This is the living room view from the kitchen. 
here is the kitchen.

Another view of the kitchen and dining area.
This is the office that connects to the living room. Don't mind the unfinished fire place!
A really crappy view of the bathroom in the main area.
This hall leads back to the second bedroom and the bathroom shown above. Notice Kory's awesome painting of Bob Dillin.
This hall goes the other way to the laundry room, the garage, the basement, and the master bedroom.
This is the view of the main living area from the front door.
Here ya go Melissa! After living here for two and a half years I finally get around to posting these for you! It's not the best tour, but it will have to do until you can make it out here! The picture of the outside is the best one I have, sorry you can't really see the house that well.