Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween in Santa Barbara!

Our costumes that we wore on Halloween night.
Kory and I right before we ate at the best mexican place!
Of course it could never be a complete trip with the Wardle boys without a fight! This is Will the morning after!
Kory and Will's costumes the first night.
The three of us eating lunch at this really good place on the pier.

All in all the trip was so much fun! I didn't ever want to come home! Thanks Will for one of the funnest trips!


The Amundsen's said...

hey hillari- i love your halloween cosume! how are you? i'm so excited for rachaels baby shower- you will be there right? hope so!!

Rachael and Justin said...

Hill, don't worry that you haven't gotten an invitation yet. No one has. Hopefully Justin's sister will be able to get them out soon. You looked so sexy on Halloween. Kory must have loved that costume!

Mrs. JM said...

cute cute..

did they really get in a fight, really, are they like 12 or what?

do you like your scentsy?

Katrina said...

Hillari your costume is so dang cute! You look SMOKING hot!
What the freak? I kinda figured the fighting was over at this age.. haha!

NatBug said...

Hill, you look so cute!!! I didn't know that brothers still did that to each other at their age! Anyways, it looks like you had alot of fun! Hope to see you soon at Rachael's shower!!!

Pew Family said...

You looked so darling on Halloween! I love your costume! His face looked pretty beat up after that fight! But it is Willy, so that doesn't really suprise me. Looks like you had a fun Halloween!